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1st Timer's Checklist

Is this your first time visiting the theatre? Wondering what to bring and what to leave at home?

Here is a helpful checklist to prepare for an enjoyable visit!

What do you need at the drive-in???

  • Lawn chairs, pillows, blankets to get comfy while watching the movie

  • An FM radio to hear the movie (or a few dollars & driver's license to rent one from the theatre)

  • Bug spray or citronella candles to keep the bugs away

  • Flashlights to help see while walking around at night

  • String or rope to tie down the hatchback if sitting in the back of your SUV

  • Baseballs & mitts, footballs, deck of cards, board games- entertainment before the movie starts

Do need.png
Don't need.png

But you can leave the following at home...

  • Alcoholic beverages & illegal substances (we want a safe & clean environment for everyone)

  • Food & beverages from other restaurants

  • Glass containers

  • Grills or other cooking devices (let us do the cooking)

  • Fire pits or anything with a large flame         (i.e., portable propane heater)

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