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Friday @ 6 pm

Saturday @ 5 pm

Sunday @ 5 pm

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We try to anticipate questions you might have about our theatre and provide the answers here. If you need more information, please use our Contact Us page to submit your questions.

How do I listen to the movie?

    Movie sound is by FM radio; once you have entered the theatre, tune your FM radio to 90.3. You may wish to bring a portable radio with you (and extra batteries just in case) or rent one from the theatre for a nominal fee and driver's license. (License will be returned to you when the radio is returned undamaged to us.)

Do I have to stay in my car?

    No, bring lawn chairs or blankets and set-up outside under the stars. Please set all chairs, blankets, etc. between you and the big screen. For safety and to avoid blocking the view of others, do not sit on top of your vehicle.

Can I bring my own snacks and beverages?

    No. The theatre does not allow outside food and/or beverage, or coolers, in to the theatre. The theatre relies heavily on sales from the concession stand to stay in operation, since most of the ticket sales goes back to the movie studios. The theatre will make exceptions for those with allergies or special dietary needs, please inform staff before entering the theatre. Under NO circumstances are alcoholic beverages allowed within the theatre; if anybody is found with alcoholic beverages or under the influence, they will be asked to leave immediately without a refund.

May I bring my pet?

    Yes. The theatre allows all members of the family, including friendly pets. Please read the pet rules posted on our Policies & Guidelines page.

What happens if my car battery goes dead?

    The theatre keeps a pair of jumper cables as well as a portable jump box on hand at all times and will be happy to jump start your vehicle before, between or after movies. Please see a staff member for assistance. Tip: To avoid draining the battery, turn key to accessory position, not the on position.

Why is admission per person and not by the carload?

    In order to show current movies and bring in movies as they are released, we are no longer able to charge by the carload. Only on special occasions, and gaining approval from film studios, are we able to charge admission by the carload.

What if I only want to see one movie?

    The movie admission price is the same if you want to see one or both movies playing that night. There is no discount for only watching one movie. If you only want to watch the first movie, you may leave during intermission. (Please be sure to leave using the exit not the entrance as there may be cars entering for the second feature.) If you want to watch only the second movie, we ask that you arrive 15 minutes before the second movie start time. **There will be no admittance into the theatre during movie showtimes.** This is to reduce disturbances to other patrons while they are enjoying their evening.  

What happens if it rains, snows, etc.?

    We show in rain or stars. The only time we will cancel a showtime if there is a power outage or a State of Emergency has been declared for the theatre area. In any case, if we do have to close the theatre, we will post that information on our website, Facebook page and movie line as soon as the decision is made.

I've already purchased my ticket, but I want to leave and come back. Can I do that?

    Once you purchase an admission ticket, you may stay for one or both movies. If you leave, your ticket becomes void and you must purchase a new ticket to come back into the theatre. Only in the case of emergencies and management has been made aware of the emergency before you leave the theatre, will exceptions be made.

Can I get a refund for an online ticket purchase?

    No. All sales for online tickets are final. If you are unable to attend the show that you have purchased tickets for, you may use those tickets for another showing within 90 days from the original event date. You will need to let the ticket booth attendant know the original event date, so they can check-in the tickets correctly. 

Do you have matinee shows?

    As an outdoor theatre, we can only show movies once the sun goes down.

When is the theatre open?

    The theatre will be open Friday & Saturday year-round; with an expanded schedule in the spring and summer months.

Do you accept debit/credit cards?

    Yes, we accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. The card must be able to be swiped, as we will not hand-key card numbers.