New for 2016:

A few changes to our rules while visiting the theatre, found here.

Redesigned webpage with new information, take a look around!

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Open Wednesday-Sunday

Ticket booth opens 7pm

Wednesday-Thursday, Sunday

Friday-Saturday 6pm

Wednesday & Thursday  29-30

Finding Dory will play July 1-3.  Last chance

 Finding Dory 

(PG) 9PM
Finding Dory PG (9pm)Finding Dory PG (9pm)

The Jungle Book

(PG) 11PM

The Jungle Book PG (11pm)The Jungle Book PG (11pm)

Friday-Sunday July 1-3

Independence Day:


PG-13 (11pm)

Independence Day
PG-13 (11pm)Independence Day PG-13 (11pm)

The Secret Life of Pets 

starts the weekend of July 8

Secret Life of Pets starts weekend of July 8Secret Life of Pets starts weekend of July 8