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52 weekends a year!

Theatre opening times:

Friday @ 6 pm

Saturday @ 5 pm

Sunday @ 5 pm

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High Five to our IndieGoGo Heroes

The entire staff at the Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre would like to send out a "High Five" to all those who have donated IndieGoGo Campaign in efforts to raise funds for our new digital projector. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Dinner & a Movie

    Matt H.

    Brian F.


    Lauren H.

    Harold W. 

    Matthew B.

CGI Master

    Jessie K.

    Paulette B.

    Jan W.

Personal Invite

    Daniel K. 

    James S.

    Colin B.

    James H.

    Joseph G.

    Kenneth F. 

    Judith E.

    Christina R. 

    Alan C.

Extra with Speaking Parts

    Karen S.

    Gerald W.

    David W.

    Roberta O.

    Kevin B.

Sound Effects

    Rebecca T. 

    Nakita P.

An Extra

    Christopher V.

    Dale F.

    Jack S.

    Patty G.

    Leila K.

    Charles R.

    CE P.

    Shannon B. 

    Tracy B.

    Kevin M.

Head Grip

    Bessie A.

    Betty G.

    Destiny E.

    Ruth B.

    Aaron M.

    Chantal R.

Grip's Helper

    Heather A.

    Josh B.